Why social media marketing is essential to your business?

By: Adel A. Mozip



It’s not 1999 anymore. TV and Radio are not the dominant forces these days. According to Accenture, Almost 90% of Chinese consumers research online and consult their friends about future purchases (especially big price tags items such as automobile, office space, or vacations.)  Almost every person you encounter in your daily business has a *smart* cell phone in their pocket and is on some kind of social network.

Most of millennials and generation-X will always “check a place out” before visiting on their favorite social network. Social media doesn’t just mean you post pretty photos on Instagram with flashy videos; but rather deliver content that is meaningful to benefit your “follower” or audience.

Which social media channel though? There are so many of them…

You have to first select your audience first. You’ll also have to probably tackle all, but perhaps mostly focus on the ones where the majority of your audience. For example, if you are marketing for a baby product; perhaps you want to utilize Instagram/Facebook targeting parents there. If you are marketing for a teenage product, then you may want to consider Snapchat besides Instagram

How much should I spend on ads?

Here is the ugly truth. Many people advertise their products and fail to get traction. The reason why is because they’re trying to execute step 3 before step 1 and 2 of a marketing strategy. In order to market your product, you first must build an audience, and offer that audience *something* that they can feel worth it to follow you. So square up, and go back to step 1. Once you build an audience then you can target them with your fun and cool ads. Spend only what you can lose. Spend gradually and evaluate the results.


Can I do “this online marketing” by myself?Do It Yourself Social Media

The short answer is definitely yes. It all depends on your time and tech-savvy skills. We can definitely help you at SpanHead to kickstart your online social media campaign. Large corporations and even medium-size companies have hired full-time employees to monitor and manage their social networks. You can do that as well and keep your audience engaged!




s4tadminWhy social media marketing is essential to your business?
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